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Find out more about the Golden Mile Group and our employees on Linked in - We are always looking to connect with buyers, homeowners and agents aswell as other professionals in related industries.

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  • We welcome you to our office - situated in the centre of Puerto Banus - one of the most prestigious locations in the world.

    Visit us and one of our friendly agents can assist you in finding your dream home and help you throughout the buying process. Alternatively you can contact us using the information below or by filling out the contact form and we will reply to you shortly.

    Visit Our Shop:
    Av. Julio Iglesias 12, Edificio Q, Puerto Banús

    Contact Us:
    Tel 1: 952 88 00 86
    Tel 2: 902 11 83 08
    Fax: 902 11 83 07

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    (+34) 952 90 82 41

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    (+34) 952 81 40 65

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